I am certified by the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) as a TRAINING COUNSELOR.  Now YOU can become a certified USCCA Instructor by taking an Instructor Development Seminar from me.   Please give me a call (765) if you are interested (425) in becoming an Instructor (1164).

I am certified by the USCCA as an Instructor, as well.  This adds THREE NEW COURSES that you can take ::  USCCA Basic Handgun, USCCA Concealed Carry, and USCCA Home Defense.   There is a bit of overlap in the material covered, but not a lot -- sign up for ALL THREE !!! 

The following states recognize USCCA certificates signed by me as proof of completion of the training required for that State's concealed carry permit requirements. This list includes: Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

WHY TAKE COURSES FROM A CIVILIAN INSTRUCTOR ? (As opposed to an ex-Military or Law Enforcement Instructor…) The answer is that it depends on what you want to learn. If you want to join the Armed Services and become a member of SOCOM, then YES, you need to find a great Military trainer. Or if you want to become a Police Officer, then YES, you should look for a Law Enforcement trainer. But if your goal is to learn the laws and methods of civilian concealed carry, then you need a class taught by me. It is a completely different mindset. Military and LEO have a duty to hunt for bad guys. We have a duty to avoid conflict if possible and only use force as a last resort. The two paradigms are about 180* apart.

As you come to realize that you are your own first line of self defense (and not 911) you start look for effective means of accomplishing that.   A firearm is one of the tools that can work for you.   The safe and responsible use of that firearm is what is taught in the NRA Basic Pistol , and the USCCA Basic Handgun courses.

I have taught these courses to well over 1200 students, during some 150 individual classes.   Each class is slightly different, depending upon the students comprising that class.   

The USCCA Basic Handgun is the most popular course, and a great starting course. Also, I have several other courses you can chose from.   These include Ballistics, Reloading, the NRA's Refuse to be a Victim course, the USCCA’s Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, and various private instruction options.  Also, the 3 aforementioned USCCA classes / courses.

Whether you are looking for personal defense methods, self protection, or general firearm knowledge -- KSA Firearms Education will help you gain confidence and proficiency.  You will gain knowledge, as well.  As one example, during the Concealed Carry course, you will be able to try out several different holstering methods and styles to see what best works for you, BEFORE you go out and spend a dime on anything.


I first experienced Eric’s ability to train a couple of years ago when I brought my whole family to a basic NRA course.  My daughter-in-law was particularly nervous, having never been around firearms her entire life.  Eric spent a great deal of extra effort to ensure that we weren’t just getting through the course material but that everyone fully understood all that was being taught and why it is necessary.  During that experience my daughter showed some natural ability leading us to practice regularly at our local indoor range.  After taking a couple of other classes here and there, we actively sought Eric out in order to get the highest quality training.  We were thrilled to see that he had formed his own business and found the USCCA courses to be perfect for our next stage of personal growth.  As expected, we found Eric to be more than helpful and patient with our questions, often taking many extra steps to help us become more knowledgeable and responsible firearms owners.  Eric is a naturally gifted teacher who truly cares about his students and the subject matter.  We travelled over an hour to sit under his teaching and will gladly do so again.  Thanks KSA!
— Doug S. --- 2016 --- Mooresville, Indiana
I have known Eric Welsh for about 5 years. I met him in his capacity as SCSA (Steel Challenge) Match Director at my home range, Atlanta Conservation Club. I can say is Eric is “one of the good ones”. He can both “do” and “teach”. I have had numerous opportunities to watch Eric with students on the range. He provides a pleasurable experience with a focus on “safety first”. Anyone from the newest beginner to seasoned competitors would take away something of value from Eric’s instruction.
— Jeff O. --- 2013-2015 Board of Directors & Membership Director, ACC --- Competitive Shooter


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Knowledge.  Skills.  Attitude.  KSA.  Firearms Education.

THE ABILITY TO DEFEND YOURSELF WITH A FIREARM STARTS HERE.  And, it can start now.  Empower yourself with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude to successfully protect yourself and your loved ones.

KSA-FE was founded in 2014 so that you would have access to classes and courses that meet your needs.   With over 40 years of study and practice of all things "gun stuff", and 15 years as an NRA certified instructor, I have a good amount of information I would like to pass along.  

The first class to take is USCCA Basic Handgun.